Authoring DVD menus can be fun but what if you need some stunning DVDs fast. You should also check out the animated DVD menus here.

In order to install templates you have to use [Tools->Install templates ...], choose the templates you want to install and Download / Install them.

The whole process should now be very easy and transparent (Internet connection required).

If you want to create a template simply design a Menu with some buttons and choose then [DVDMenu->Store as Template ...].

Note, you can only define ButtonObjects as DropDown zones for the templates.

Here is a detailed description of the XML file and required format for the templates.

And finally here is a guide on how to create a animated menu template.

Animated Menus Menus 1-6 Menus 7-12 Menus 13-16 Menus 17-20 Menus 21-24