ERR: Too many pre/post/cell commands. Reduce complexity and/or disable jumppad.

To fix this issue try to manually assign some of the movies to a different Titleset.

[ Right click on the Movie -> Assign To Titleset ... ].

Movie length and Xine

(e-mail from 'the5' )

I looked all over to solve a problem I was having using mplex. The videos I was encoding would show incorrect lengths in xine and qdvdauthor after I encoded them with mplex. The source of the problem turns out to be that xine and others require constant bit rates, and only make an estimate of play length on variable bit rate movies.

This set of excellent emails goes into the details of the problem.

The quick fix. Encode your mpeg2 output with a constant bit rate that is supported (6600kbps,9800kbps are some that I use). Then when you use mplex add the -C parameter to force a constant bit rate output.

mplex -f -C in.m2v in.mp2 -o out.mpg

That should do the trick.

( Note: you could also use MPlayer which does a better job estimating the run length )

Have problems loading older project files.

Due to a typo in the xml file you will no longer be able to load older project files. To mitigate this you should run the - script. You pass it as its first argument the name of the old project file.

E.g. > myproject.xml

ERR: Cannot pick button masks

This error can occur if you try to generate a DVD with an old project file that has Text buttons.
This was fixed in Beta 0.1.0. To make your DVD work you will have to recreate the buttons ([Unbutton] then [Define as button]) or to completely re-create the DVD.

**ERROR: [mpeg2enc] Could not read YUV4MPEG2 header: stream requires unsupported features!

This is a Problem with the mjpegtools version 1.6.2 and above. To fix this add "-S 420mpeg2" to the ppmtoy4m command.

Note: There seems to be an older version out which requires -S 420_mpeg2. Please either upgrade or use the 'e' buoon in the CommandQueueDialog, to change it for your system.

To compile 'Q' DVD-Author you need only the qt libraries Qt 3.x and above BUT below 4.x.

  1. Can't find moc:
    moc is the 'Meta Object Compiler' from Trolltech and part of the qt-devel package.
    • Make sure you have installed all required qt packages. qt-libs, qt-devel, qt-<somethig>.
    • Make sure you have the path to Qt3.x set BEFORE the path to Qt4.x.
      E.g. export PATH=/usr/lib/qt3/bin:$PATH
    • If you have compiled Qt3.x from source and it is not in your - file you have to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
      E.g. export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/me/utils/qt3/lib
    • Make sure you have set the QTDIR environment.
      E.g. export QTDIR=/home/me/utils/qt3
  2. qmake: command not found:
    qmake is part of qt-devel. follow the same steps as above.
  3. If you still have problems you can try setting the QMAKESPEC environment to fit your system (check $QTDIR/mkspec).
    E.g. export QMAKESPEC=linux-g++-64
  4. If you still run into problems try the - script, which will remove all previous build files and run configure again.

Last updated September 4'th 2006