Here is a short description of the QXineWidget - class.

You can use this class in any Qt - application and have all the power of xine in your hands.

There is a newer version of the xine interface available called KXineWidtget.

Please note that this class was developped by the Kaffeine - Project first and I merely made some minor modifications to have this as a Qt - only class. I submitted these and hope that it will become part of the kaffeine project, in which case there would be one point of developement on this class.

Find Here the doxygen documentation of the QXineWidget - class.

ANd finally a basic test project can be found Here.

Here is how you would use the class in your application :

	m_pXineWidget = new QXineWidget (pointerToQFrameObject, "XineWidget", "auto", "xshm");
	// Next we create a GridLayout to have the QXineWidget take the full space of the QFrame - Object.
	m_pXineLayout = new QGridLayout (pointerToQFrameObject, 1, 1, 4, 6, "XineMainLayout");
	m_pXineLayout->addWidget(m_pXineWidget, 0, 0);
	// Next I would recommend initializing the xine engine ...
	m_pXineWidget->InitXine();	// Or show(), since the QXineWidget::polish() function would then call InitXine()
void MyClass::slotPlay()
	m_pXineWidget->PlayMRL("/home/myhome/cool_movie.mpg", "Title", false);

Last updated January 15'th 2006